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Sewalls Falls Bridge


Project Details:

Owner: City of Concord NH

Location: Concord, NH

Structure Type: 3 Span Bridge

Cost: $10 million

Bridge Distance: 400 foot

Project Overview:

In order to erect the new $10 million, 400 foot, 3 span bridge, ED Swett installed a 270’ work trestle in the Merrimack River to not only disassemble the existing 100-year-old 2 span truss but as well to construct the new bridge. The new piers sit on 6’ diameter drilled shafts that were installed 12’ into the river bedrock. Sections of the existing bridge were refurbished and erected in the Heritage Park adjacent to the new bridge. Sections of the existing granite block pier were used to construct the retaining wall at the southern abutment to allow the Riverwalk path to be constructed underneath the new bridge.


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